Side Menu

The Side Menu component is build to manage user experience and navigation. You can implement it manually or using Cocoapod package manager.

Name Version Content
MGSideMenuKit 0.1.4 NavigationBar - SearchBar - ListView - DetailView - VideoPlayer


To install this component you can use Cocoapods or drag and drop the folder of the component into your project manually.


MGSideMenuKit is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'MGSideMenuKit', :git => ''


To customize content of Side Menu component you have to edit SideMenuComponent.swift file. By updating and changing this file you will have different items in the menu. Follow the steps below.


Open the file and start edit the content. To change, add or remove items as example:

let item = MGSideMenuItem() 
item.title = "TITLE" 
item.icon = IMAGE_OBJECT 
item.identifier = "IDENTIFIER" 


To change the items of content, edit this code of lines:

return SideMenuAssets(
    string: SideMenuString(
        tableViewHeaderTitle: "HEADER_TITLE",
        tableViewHeaderSubtitle: "HEADER_SUBTITLE",
        tableViewFooterTitle: "FOOTER_TITLE"),
    font: SideMenuFont(
        tableViewHeaderTitle: MGTemplate.font.headline,
        tableViewHeaderSubtitle: MGTemplate.font.caption2,
        tableViewCellTitle: MGTemplate.font.body,
        tableViewFooterTitle: MGTemplate.font.footnote),
    image: SideMenuImage(
        tableViewHeaderImage: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "MGIconLight")),
    color: SideMenuColor(
        view: MGTemplate.color.sideBar,
        backgroundView: MGTemplate.color.sideBar,
        tableView: MGTemplate.color.sideBar,
        tableViewSeparator: MGTemplate.color.sideBar,
        tableViewCell: MGTemplate.color.sideBar,
        tableViewHeader: MGTemplate.color.sideBar,
        tableViewCellContent: .white,
        tableViewHeaderContent: .white,
        tableViewFooter: MGTemplate.color.sideBar,
        tableViewFooterContent: .white),
    data: SideMenuData(
        items: newData,
        statusBarStyle: .lightContent))