Landing page

The landing page is a controller created to present a product or a website content. You can install it manually or using Cocoapod package manager.

Name Version Content
MGLandingKit 0.1.8 NavigationBar - Title - Subtitle - Description - User Data - CollectionList


To install this component you can use Cocoapods or drag and drop the folder of the component into your project manually.


MGLandingKit is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'MGLandingKit', :git => ''


To customize content of Landing component you have to edit LandingComponent.swift file. By updating and changing this file you will have different items in the page. Follow the steps below.


Open the file and start edit the content. To change, add or remove items as example:

var item = MGLandingItemData()
item.title = " ITEM TITLE "
item.thumbUrl = " ITEM IMAGE TITLE "


To change the items of content, edit this code of lines:

return Landingasset(
    string: LandingString(
        title: "MegaGeneral",
        navigationTitle: "MegaGeneral",
        contentTitle: "Multipurpose iOS Template",
        contentSubtitle: "Some subtitle",
        contentDescription: "MegaGeneral is a scalable multipurpose framework for building iOS applications. You can start develop many awesome apps from MegaGeneral framework. You can use a big sets of icons, fonts, and change dark theme with your personal custom theme.",
        contentUsername: "MegaGeneral Team",
        contentHeadline: "Think fast",
        contentCollectionTitle: "My items"),
    font: LandingFont(
        contentTitle: MGTemplate.font.largeTitle,
        contentSubtitle: MGTemplate.font.callout,
        contentDescription: MGTemplate.font.body,
        contentUsername: MGTemplate.font.headline,
        contentHeadline: MGTemplate.font.footnote,
        contentCollectionTitle: MGTemplate.font.title3,
        collectionViewCellTitle: MGTemplate.font.caption1),
    image: LandingImage(
        userRightImage: UIImage(icon: .fontAwesomeSolid(.heart), size: heartSize, textColor: .red)),
    color: LandingColor(
        navigationBar: MGTemplate.color.navigationBar,
        navigationBarContent: MGTemplate.color.text.navigationBar,
        toolBar: MGTemplate.color.toolBar,
        toolBarContent: MGTemplate.color.text.toolBar,
        view: MGTemplate.color.view,
        viewContent: MGTemplate.color.text.primary,
        title: MGTemplate.color.text.primary,
        subtitle: MGTemplate.color.text.primary,
        description: MGTemplate.color.text.primary,
        collectionView: MGTemplate.color.collectionView,
        collectionViewCell: MGTemplate.color.collectionViewCell,
        collectionViewCellContent: MGTemplate.color.text.primary,
        collectionViewCellTitle: MGTemplate.color.text.primary),
    data: LandingData(
        userImageUrl: URL(string:"")!,
        collectionItems: megaitems,
        enableAds: false,
        adsUnitId: "ID_OF_AD",
        statusBarStyle: .default,
        imageViewIndicatorStyle: .white))