Thank you for downloading MegaGeneral Template. This template is build with developer mindset, scalable architecture, package manager and continous updated. Please read carefully this documentation to setup your project. This documentation will lead you from customizing the application to publish on the App Store.

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How It Works?

MegaGeneral is a universal iOS template for multipurpose applications. It has many integrated customizable component kits. You can use MegaGeneral template to create your custom application based on one or many features. In MegaGeneral there are many services integrated and built in features. Each of the services integrated need a configuration that is possible by setting up the project and creating developer account for the service.


The current version of MegaGeneral is:

  • 2.0


MegaGeneral is created to be used on universal devices (iPad and iPhone) but you can choose to generate one or another. This setup has to be changed in the main project on Xcode.

  • iPhone
  • iPad


Megageneral template support all newer versions of iOS by starting from version:

  • 12.0+


MegaGeneral template is build with component strategy. Each component is a framework that does certain things and has cartain functionalities. The final app is an aggregator of components.

  • Side menu with customizable items
  • Landing page is a landing page for general apps
  • Feed parser for parsing any kind of RSS feed from blogs or websites
  • Audio player
  • Video player + LiveStream
  • Browser + Webview
  • Map view
  • Settings for personal


Services are third part application that you need to make the application more dynamic and useful.

  • Push notifications with Firebase and OneSignal
  • Remote configuration
  • In app purchase *
  • Advertising with Banner, Interstitial and RewardBasedVideo